About Divine Mama


Divine Mama is a company committed to improving quality of life for nursing mothers. Our products are designed to help women adjust to the physical and emotional challenges of caring for an infant. We offer lactogenic food bars, which are convenient, nutritious snacks created from ingredients that help to build and maintain a healthy milk supply. 

The first few months of motherhood can be a difficult and stressful time. Although breast feeding is one of the most natural acts in the world, it often doesn’t go according to plan, especially in the context of contemporary culture, where much mainstream food is processed and nutritionally empty, and our existing social structures don’t always provide the practical and emotional support that a new mother needs.

Proper nutrition is an essential puzzle piece for staying physically and psychically balanced, especially during this period of vulnerability marked by unfamiliar routines, lack of sleep, and dramatic hormonal changes. While a food bar won’t meet all of a nursing woman’s nutritional needs, it can often tide her over until she’s able to eat a real meal, providing nutrients and micronutrients targeted towards her specific physical circumstances.

Nutritional support for nursing mothers is a matter of both quality and quantity. Not only is it difficult to eat right because virtually every moment of the day can be taken up with the work of caring for an infant, but a nursing woman also needs significantly more calories than she would if she weren’t breastfeeding.

 A new mother needs the specific nutrients that are provided by lactogenic foods, and she also needs extra calories because the process of breastfeeding burns 500 calories each day. The convenience of Divine Mama bars makes them an ideal solution to these added caloric demands, and their lactogenic ingredients facilitate the process of not only eating enough food, but also eating the right foods.

 In addition, having access to a product that is primarily designed for nursing women sends the powerful message that her needs matter as well, even though most of her time and energy is devoted to caring for her baby. Eating well helps a new mother to stay physically and emotionally healthy by preempting the added stress caused by inadequate nutrition and blood sugar imbalances, by providing her with a vital tool for starting to take care of herself.

Manisha Singh, Creator and Founder of Divine Mama Bars, knows what it’s like to face low milk supply.

Her baby weighed five pounds at birth, and her milk was slow to come in. With the help of a lactation consultant, she was able to boost her milk supply with frequent pumping and by keeping a close eye on her diet. That’s when she started researching lactogenic foods. (Learn more about lactogenic foods in Divine Mama Bars on the Ingredients page.)

She also had a stressful pregnancy during which her doctor made a misdiagnosis about the health of her baby.  She was advised to terminate the baby at 21 weeks since it was thought that the baby would have a very poor prognosis if he was even born alive.  Following her intuition, she got outside opinions and it was found that her baby boy was perfectly healthy and normal.  When the baby did arrive, however, Manisha was unexpectedly hit with post-partum depression.  She breastfed throughout her ups and downs of life and experienced the effect of stress on her breast milk supply.  Breastfeeding and staying connected with her baby is ultimately what helped her to stay grounded and keep the attachment strong between her and her son during her stressful postpartum period. 

She is not only still nursing a year later but has also maintained an abundant milk supply. She learned a lot about the science behind breastfeeding and that many factors can affect supply. 

She knows first-hand how tricky it can be to buy, prepare, and keep handy the healthy foods that promote milk production especially during times of stress. Providing nourishment for a baby takes a lot of energy and often leaves the mother hungry. She wanted to create a healthy and filling snack that mothers can reach for at work, in the car, or on the run.

Manisha Singh is a pharmacist with extensive training and experience in how different minerals and substances function in the human system. That wisdom was especially helpful in helping her understand the hormonal mechanism of breastfeeding and the connection between diet and lactation. 

As a clinical pharmacist, she works with patients with chronic diseases, spending much of her time counseling patients on nutrition and its impact on their health. She has used her knowledge and extensive research to select and combine just the right ingredients for Divine Mama Bars.