"In a world that seems to be filled with chaos, trauma and drama, I am always truly delighted to find products that truly try to serve and fill the real needs of real people. I am truly in awe of companies who start their businesses from a place of love and care and that’s exactly what Divine-Mama is all about. Their all-natural bars are perfect for all new moms who want to breast-feed with ease. The bars are awesome because they provide good nourishment and hunger satisfaction for new mothers and also ensure great nutrition for newborns and infants as well. Filled with natural foods and ingredients such as apricots, oats, flaxseeds and omega 3’s, the Divine Mama bars are providing the natural energy and vitamins needed for new moms to take care of themselves in a way that makes them feel good.  These bars have been well researched by the founder, who just happens to be a mom herself and also a pharmacist who needed help increasing and maintaining her own breast milk supply. How does it get any better than that? This is truly a wonderful product, created with love and care for new mommies and babies worldwide. I think all new and soon-to-be mommies should do themselves a favor and try the new Divine-Mama bars. Pleasant surprises, good nutrition and healthy solutions don’t come around often. Thank you, Divine-Mama for your wonderful new bars!"

Lynda T. - Baltimore, MD

"Dear Divine Mama,

I just wanted to let you know, that although I am not breastfeeding, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE your Divine Mama Bars. Your bars got me through a VERY important 1st 1/2 Marathon this past weekend, and I just want to say Thank you! Also, I wanted to let the fitness community know that these are some of the best NATURAL bars for supplementation!! GET WITH THE PROGRAM PEOPLE!!! : ) Have a great day."

Angela E. - Northern Virginia

"I ordered a box of 12 of your Macnut Chocolate Chip bars just to try it and I have absolutely fallen in love with it!  I wouldn't even know how to begin to describe it's taste except to say it was heavenly!  Real wholesome goodness and all natural ingredients to satisfy nursing mums like myself. Will be back to order more from you soon.  Cheers!"

Margaret H. - Portland, OR

"The pack I ordered arrived today.  I had never tried it before but had heard good things about it from a girlfriend. Having now tried it for myself, I'd say it really is second to none; above and beyond what I expected.  I thought it was just like any other protein bar.  I was wrong; this is a wonderful, healthy and tasty snack.  Also, your service was fast and efficient and it was a complete pleasure dealing with you.  Will gladly recommend you to everyone I know."

Melva P. - Alexandria, VA

"I found your site www.divine-mama.com quite by accident and was very impressed.  These Divine Mama bars is everything a breastfeeding mother could want. They're delicious, conveniently packaged, and wholly nutritious not just for me but baby too.  They are perfect for the diaper bag and in my secret drawer at work.  My milk production has dipped after going back to work and these bars are perfect when I have a deadline to meet and cannot take my lunch break.  I also eat them DURING my pumping session at work!! LOL!  My favorite is the Datey Apricot Cashew they go perfect with a glass of milk.  Thank you, Manisha!  Great idea."

Christina C. - Los Gatos, CA